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T-Shirt Shop

January 9, 2007

okay (i’m going to start every post with a word like ‘okay’ or ‘so’ its nice and personable I find) another reason for this here blog aside from being easier to update is to ‘pimp’ my new T-Shirt shop. Its only been there a few days but I seem to be quite addicted to adding new designs. Hopefully some people get addicted to buying, there’s new stuff and stuff lifted straight from some old doodles and even some ‘non illustrationy’ slogan based ones, for you soundbite fans, its all

Howdy !

January 9, 2007


So, the intention here is to have a way of updating my portfolio a lot easier and more regularly. Making a flash website is all very nice but i’m really no wizz in that department and so no matter how much work i do its never going to change much over at I’m keeping the site in the hope that one day I do something with it but for now, this should be better so long as its easy to update, like flickr. I got a flickr account and its really addictive and easy adding work to it, hopefully it works like that here, lets see.

This was originally called ‘pomposity killed the prat’ but i thought that may be too pompous. Now it has the far less pompous title ‘Pomposity Bites Back’. Its a play on the popular pop combo ‘The Killers’ seeming a little ott at the moment and also quite Springsteeny, thus the Nebraska-ey font/ widescreen borders. A bit of hitchcock in there too. I seem to be revisiting the ‘aged’ effect that I used in a few things at Uni. hmmm, relatively happy.


well, there’s the first thing i dislike, tiny images, oh well, go =, for a bigger one