Howdy !


So, the intention here is to have a way of updating my portfolio a lot easier and more regularly. Making a flash website is all very nice but i’m really no wizz in that department and so no matter how much work i do its never going to change much over at I’m keeping the site in the hope that one day I do something with it but for now, this should be better so long as its easy to update, like flickr. I got a flickr account and its really addictive and easy adding work to it, hopefully it works like that here, lets see.

This was originally called ‘pomposity killed the prat’ but i thought that may be too pompous. Now it has the far less pompous title ‘Pomposity Bites Back’. Its a play on the popular pop combo ‘The Killers’ seeming a little ott at the moment and also quite Springsteeny, thus the Nebraska-ey font/ widescreen borders. A bit of hitchcock in there too. I seem to be revisiting the ‘aged’ effect that I used in a few things at Uni. hmmm, relatively happy.


well, there’s the first thing i dislike, tiny images, oh well, go =, for a bigger one


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